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    May 18th, 2014

danglo has has picked up plays from 1Xtra, Radio 1, Kiss, and XFM.

Check out his new track from Kitsune Maison Davidian - What I Want ft. Tiffani Juno (Danglo Remix).

Maribou State Blue Sunday
Blind (Frankie Knuckles Dub) Hercules and The Love Affair
Diverse I was a Fool
Friend Within The Game
The Golden Boy Do You
Joey McCrilley Dancing Pianos
Rain City Riot Killer
Gang Colours Dance Around The Subject (Pedestrian's Dusty Warehouse Remix)
Luke Abbott Modern Driveway
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Hello danglo, We at Tragic Clothing would like to thank you for taking your time to talk to us. First off, how did you come up with the name danglo?

"A few years back I DJ'd student nights in Brighton under the name Anglo Jackson, then I discovered there was a band in the U.S called that, so I went through the alphabet one night and added a “D”. I often DJ'd with my mate Action Jackson at my old clubnight, Toothsayer in Brighton. People kept saying- are you DJing tonight? It was more often than not the other Jackson. So I dropped the Jackson and became... danglo.

It saved a lot of confusion! "

What has happened to Action?

"He's now called Jackson Blumenthal and we worked on a track together a few months ago, some kinda techy minimal house. Also he did a remix of my track Eagle Eye, which is a banger."

Where did you go this summer?

"I've been in Ibiza, Lithuania and Estonia this summer, which has been beautiful. I spent a week out in Ibiza with the Toyboy & Robin boys; it was my first time out there so it was a pleasure to be DJing. And Lithuania was great, everyone was so warm & friendly out there and they were really enthusiastic about the music I was playing."

What track are you most proud of creating and why?

"I reckon Eagle Eye, it's my Dad's favourite and it's been a year since my first E.P "Adapt" came out and that's the one that I can still listen to without going mad. I still use it as an intro tune at the beginning of my DJ sets. I was rejigging my soundcloud the other day and had to repost the track to get it back on my page. Which meant a few people who hadn't heard it before showed enthusiasm for it. About 6 hours ago I started making a track with similar sounds to Eagle Eye, I'm gonna try and make something in that vein again. But I don't like to repeat myself too much, so it's going to be tricky!"

Any genres that you particularly don't like?

"There's always going to be some good music and some bad music in whichever genre you explore. I'd never rule out one genre specifically. Having said that... I could never stand emo."

Have you got any gigs you are really excited for?

"I'm heading up to a snowboxx festival next year which should be great fun. I can't wait to breathe the fresh mountain air and bomb down the slopes and have a really thick hot chocolate and go up in a ski lift and do it all again. Oh... And the DJing bit will be fun too!"

Do you do snowboarding or skiing?

"I'll be snowboarding, love a bit of off piste action. I used to jump off houses when I was younger. We’ll see if I theres still a fearless teenager in me.""

Is that your favourite sport?

"My favourite sport is probably football. I play football most sundays. But I don't follow the premier league, people seem to remember all the players names, have opinions on how good they all are, what clubs they played for 3 years ago and how many sliding tackles they made in their debut season for whoever. So much brainpower is used to remember all these bits of information.

I get into the football whenever the world cup is on though. I get really into it then. When it’s everyone’s countries going against each other it feels really like it’s “our tribe against your tribe”. Our nation against yours, which in a sporty context is great. I'll keep my fingers crossed for some DJ slots in Brazil this summer. "


Who do you support?

"Wolves, we're doing pretty well right now. My dad's from around that neck of the woods. We go up 2 or 3 times a season."

Where abouts in london?

"Oooh, now that gets a little more tricky. I grew up in Shepherds bush, and Love west London, but nothing happens there. So I moved to the South East (Kennington) which is pretty good because I can get anywhere on my bike in about 20 minutes. But I reckon Brixton is probably a bit better. So right now it would be great to be living in Brixton.

Then again a massive posh 3-story house in NottingHill wouldn't go amiss. "

What got you into making music?

"My mum and dad asked if I'd like to learn an instrument when I was 8. I decided I wanted to play the guitar because my childhood friends’ dad played guitar and he seemed a pretty cool guy (Peter Blegvad). I played guitar and then started teaching myself piano and drums after that. So it was my mum, dad and Peter Blegvad.

If I'd started playing the clarinet I'm not sure I would have had the enthusiasm for it, and would have probably given up. I regret not learning the oboe though "

What would you call the genre of music that you make?

"When people ask me and I say… 'Sort of housey garagey electronic music beats and that'.

I’m not a big fan of describing my own music... as Frank Zappa (or possibly someone else) said 'Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture' "

Xbox or ps3?

"I don't play computer games, but I’d say ps3, because I've only ever owned a playstation. I used to play music 2000 on playstation, that’s what got me into the electronic music in the first place."

Vodka or Rum?

"Rum. Rum and ginger beer is my favourite drink. Notting Hill carnival and a big bottle of rum and ginger beer and a vuvuzela used as a drinking spout. That’s just how I roll... (Limes essential)"

Do you use a Mac or a PC?

"Apple Mac all the way. I get a headache if someone gives me a PC. Although I'm falling out of love with Apple as they are neglecting their original professional customers for the consumer ipad/iphone market.

I realised the other day that on my iphone, I was using the Gmail app, Googlemaps and was tempted to download google calendar. Google know how to make something really useful and intuitive, but apple make it all beautiful. I have a Google take over pretty soon. "

Would you rather be ugly and marry a good-looking person or be good looking and marry an ugly person?

"It's what's on the inside that counts, tut tut, dear oh dear.

I'd rather be ugly and marry a good looking person. I'd rather be punching above my weight every time! "

What’s your favorite thing on Bits & Bobs?

"Melt yourself down - Fix My Life I just messaged the guy that made that video because I love it so much."

Thank you danglo!

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