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    Nov 26th, 2013

Theoish aka Theo Krish is a 25 year old producer from London.

He is part of the Wizard Sleeve Collective who have just released their third Beat Emporium compilation, which is available to download free here.

Theo has made us a mesmerizing mix below. Which has absolutely blown us away. Guaranteed to chill you out. Make sure to give it a listen.

Jon Hopkins Lost Map / The Hawk
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Numbers 1-4
Flying Lotus 1983 (Tjorven Cover)
Rhian Sheehan Borrowing The Past
The Flashbulb Kirlian Changes
Hudson Mohawke Star Crackout
Deru I Would Like
Theoish Cat's Clarinet
Tom Kilworth & Jeevan Rai Stasis [excerpt]
Grapefruit Moon Haze
Arlet Jesus Mi Amigo (Theoish Remix)
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Hello Theo, where are you right now and how's your day going?

"Hey, I'm sat at home. Just finished a cup of tea and listening to some music, so my day is going pretty well I guess."

What would you call your genre of music?

"I wouldn't really, I usually let other people do that. Not because my music is really experimental and difficult to describe, but because I don't think there's much point - it's up to other people to decide what it is. I usually just say 'dance music for home listening' (a term I nicked from Pedestrian)."

What is your favourite track that you have made and why?

"I think it would be the remix I did for Arlet - 'Jesus Mi Amigo'. Firstly because they're friends of mine from Canterbury and I really love their music, but also because I think it's the most interesting thing I've done. With a lot of my tunes, I know exactly where they came from and what the influences were. But with that one, I feel like it's really 'me', rather than just ripping off other people."

Which label would you be part of, if you could be part of any?

"That's a difficult one. There's loads of labels I love that wouldn't suit my music at all. I guess I'd really like to release something on Brownswood (Gilles Peterson's label)."

Have you got any new tracks up for release?

"The most recent track I did was a remix for Bat and Ball, which you can find on their soundcloud (or mine). Other than I'm working on loads of other projects, some of which will hopefully be finished and ready to hear soon!"

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be and why?

"Portico Quartet - they're probably my favourite band ever."

What’s your favourite thing on our blog?

"The music!"

What/who got you into making music?

"My family, especially my dad. He's an amazing musician and has always been really supportive in anything I do musically. Gave me my first copy of Logic (7) and has helped me continually since. Everyone in my family is a musician of some description, so it was always going to happen!"

What is your favorite car?

"I don't really like cars."

What city would you be living in if you could live anywhere?


Beer or Wine?


What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?

"Tuesday Born remix of Melo X - 'Interlude' (from soundcloud)."


Do you prefer doing remixes?

"Sometimes. Remixes are great because half the work is already done for you, so you can just delve in and get creative straight away. Sometimes it can be really difficult though, especially if you like the original a lot, because then it's a challenge to do it justice."

Thank you very much for doing the mixtape, is there anything special on there that we should be looking out for?

"There's a few unreleased tracks on there from some friends of mine - Tjorven's cover of '1983' and Tom Kilworth's 'Stasis', which are both beautiful. The Grapefruit Moon track is currently unreleased (I think), and there's an old one from me called 'Cat's Clarinet', which is made up entirely of sounds from the clarinet, played by my old housemate (Cat). My decks are currently out of action at the moment, so I decided to use this as an opportunity to do a mixtape of my favourite sounds from the more ambient side of things. I've also included some field recordings from my travels, and sounds recorded in my room while putting the mix together."

What are your five favourite records from this year so far?

Jon Hopkins - Immunity

Shigeto - No Better Time Than Now

Jon Hopkins - How I Live Now (movie soundtrack)

Rhye - Woman

Jungle - Drops // Platoon

What is your studio setup in terms of equipment?


KRK monitors.

Apogee Duet.

Akai MPD.

Logic, Pro Tools & Ableton Live.

A midi keyboard and some microphones.

Occasionally there's a guitar or other 'real' instruments thrown in there too!

Lots of records for sampling.

What has been your most extravagant purchase?

"Probably my computer. It would be hard to live without it!"

What is your favorite instrument?

"The hang drum! I fell in love with the sound immediately after hearing Portico Quartet's first album (Knee Deep In The North Sea), and tried to get one, but it's really hard. You have to write a letter to the guys who make them in Switzerland (Panart) and hope for the best! I got a letter from them about 3 years ago saying they had stopped making them for now, so I'll probably never get one..."

Any artists right now you suggest we put on our radar?

"Too many! Off the top of my head - King Of Hearts, Oli Slack, Noisik, Jasper, Capeface, Tarquin, Lisson and Bodhi-Glitch"

Thank you Theoish!

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