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    Oct 22nd, 2013

Liam Myers aka Myronik is a new and upcoming producer from Celbridge just outside Dublin, Ireland. Check out the brilliant faceless photo of him in our Wolf T-shirt.

Yet to play a gig, Myronik is currently trying to sort out his repertoire (listen here) to produce an EP or an album. We can't wait to hear what comes of it and look forward to any gigs in the future!

Myronik is like a more upbeat and industrial version of SOHN. His unique drum samples and riffs sit nicely; prominantly above the mix. And his minimal basslines staying well away from painful dubstep. Liam is also the man behind the best remix of a massive attack song I have heard in a long long while.

His biggest musical success yet comes from his track 'You Me You' with 0 views on youtube... It is a banger.

Definitely one to keep your eye on!

Read our interview with Liam Bellow.

Myronik Temple
flying Lotus Zodiac Shit
Shlohmo Teeth
Com Truise I Dream (For You)
Flying Lotus DMT Song (Feat Thundercat)
Four Tet And Then Patterns
Bonobo Silver
Portico Quartet Ruins
Daphni Yes I Know
Jon Hopkins Breathe This Air
Mount Kimbie You Took Your Time (Feat King Krule)
Myronik Temple (Outro)
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Hello Myronik, thank you for taking your time out of the day to answer these questions. Where does the name Myronik come from?

"The name came about when I finished the first track I felt comfortable with posting publicly 'Sloppy Jane'. I didn't really put much thought into it; my surname is Myers so I just thought Myronik had a good ring to it."

What would you call your genre of music?

"I describe my music as experimental electronic music to my friends so I guess I'd go with that."

What is your favourite track that you have made and why?

"Usually the latest track I've finished becomes my favourite since it's the most fresh in my mind, but Sloppy Jane would probably be my personal favourite."

Have you got any gigs coming up that we should know about?

"I haven't performed live yet, although it's definitely something I'm working towards. I think once I produce some sort of EP or album - a collection of tracks, then I'll start getting a live set together."

Have you got any new tracks up for release?

"At the moment I'm still just creating tracks one by one and posting them once they're done, I find that my sound changes quite gradually from release to release. I guess I'm still sort of finding 'my sound'. "

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be and why?

"Burial, then I'd be in on one of the best kept secrets in modern music!"

What’s your favourite thing on the blog?

"Probably the art and photography of wes21. I really like the approach of 'Tragic Clothing' where it's not simply a clothes store, they're also sharing and giving opinions on general popular culture - giving the user a multi-platformed experience rather than just simply selling them a t-shirt. "

Was there anything in particular that inspired you to make music?

"I started playing guitar when I was 12 and played in a few bands during secondary school. Once we started getting studio time that's when I fell in love with the production side of things - creating all of the sounds by myself."

Who was your favourite band growing up?

"I'd probably say Radiohead, they were the first band where I felt compelled to study their entire discography. I just love the combination of electronics, guitars and Thom's vocals, and the way in which they're music is produced definitely had an effect on how I experiment with sounds today."


What city would you be living in if you could live anywhere?

"This is a tough one; the first one that sprang to mind was San Francisco, mainly because of its music and cultural history during the 60's. I was really into the psychedelic era for a while and it all seemed to be centred around this city."

What is your favourite instrument?

"I really love the sounds and timbres of Eastern music, especially the Sitar - nothing else sounds like it."

What musical accomplishment are you most proud of so far?

"Probably the (minor) success of my track 'You Me You'. I remember the night after I posted it to Reddit, I got such an amazing response, I couldn't really believe it. I'd say that was the point where I thought 'Myronik' could actually become something."

What is your favourite music video?

"Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball...just kidding.
Probably 'Closer' by Nine Inch Nails, I remember seeing it when I was quite young and it scared the shit out of me. I never realised to that point that music videos could be so dark and provocative and it's stuck with me since then."

Thank you very much for doing the mix, is there anything special on there that we should be looking out for?

"I based the tempo and general flow on my latest track 'Temple'. The sort of downbeat sample-rich sound, the artists featured are the ones which I draw most inspiration from - Flying Lotus in particular."

What was the last film that you watched?

"Cool World."

If you could perform anywhere, where would it be?

"Probably the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. Not because it's the biggest or because some of my favourite acts have played there - because it's the first venue I saw my first live show, and it's one of the most popular venues in Dublin. I think I'd get more of a rush playing in front of people from my own country rather than the usually mentioned iconic venues like Madison Square or Earl's Court."

Have you ever wanted to produce music from a different genre?

"Yeah I've thought of making more guitar-based psychedelic stuff, Connan Mockasin being the main inspiration. I definitely will at some point but for now I'm still focused on the electronic side of things."

Thank you Myronik!

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