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    Nov 15th, 2013

We have been chatting with the 24 year old kent based producer, over the past couple of weeks. The quote below sums him up completely!

'Inspired by the weather, landscapes and emotions Eplp creates deep atmospheric music that suits a quiet listen in a darkened room with a cup of tea as much as a packed out club at 2am.'

Will is part of the Night Shift Collective a collection of chilled out, deep, ambient producers from across the globe. And boy does he fit in! Make sure to check them out.

He has also been featured by the Eton Messy boys getting 0 views for his track 'Leave Me'.

We are very pleased to introduce you to Eplp.

Eplp With Her
JAQUO GEORGE Lights (Eplp Remix)
JUSTIN MARTIN Don't Go (Dusky Remix)
EPLP Leave Me
BEN PEARCE What I Might Do
EPLP Untitled
EPLP Mercy
EPLP Leave Me
EPLP Mercy
EPLP The Good Times
EPLP Untitled
SHADOW CHILD 23 feat. Tymer
DISCLOSURE Boiling feat. Sinhead Harnett
HALEEK MAUL Forever (instrumental) prod. Eplp


Hello Eplp, How is your day going?

"My days going well thanks! I'm just sitting in my bedroom studio with a hot mug of tea, ready to trawl through Soundcloud for hidden musical gems."

What would you call your genre of music?

"I experiment with many sub genres but would say all of my music fits nicely under Emotional Electronica. But that's pretty vague so when describing my music to someone I'd probably say 'a futuristic and ambient blend of Rnb, Garage and House' haha."

What is your favourite track that you have made and why?

"'The Good Times' is definitely up there as a favourite of mine. Its one of the only songs I've made that I can still enjoy months after I finished it. I think it really provokes my nostalgic mindset at the time, and to make provocative music that the listener can relate to is really what I aim to do as EPLP. 'The Good Times' is not one of the most popular tracks I've made but I loved the response it got from the listeners, even if they just thought it was odd haha."

Have you got any gigs you are really excited for?

"I played in Antwerp, Belgium a couple of months ago at a night called Boké. Was such a fun event, with a responsive crowd and friendly vibe! The promoter has invited me back for their next gig, so that's definitely one I'm excited about. But I'm relatively new to the DJ circuit, and still class myself as a learner, so any gig big or small are still exciting to me. Hopefully in the future I will make the move to live performances but at the moment I'm concentrating on my production with the aim to complete an EP by the end of the year."

Have you got any new tracks up for release?

"I don't have any original works to be released in the near future, but there are a couple of remixes I've done that are out soon. One of which I'm really excited about is the remix I did for 'Jaquo George' titled 'Lights' which features the soulful vocals of Elderbrook. Its out now on Soundplate Records, definitely check out the full EP If you like your Deep House! "

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be and why?

"The XX, their music helped me find my sound when I first experimented with minimal, emotional electronica. There is something so unique about the way Oliver and Romy's vocals compliment each other, I would love to have them sing on one of my tracks. Also some help from Jamie XX on the beats and production would never be a bad thing ha!"

What’s your favourite thing on the blog?

"My favourite thing is probably the way it seamlessly blends: Fashion, Art/Photography, Films, Games, Sport, Architecture etc into one stream. It's a nice way to expand your interests to areas which you don't usually find on more traditional music blogs. But my favourite post so far is probably the Photography by Camille Seaman, beautiful landscape work."

What got you into making music in the first place?

"Years ago, a friend at school started making Drum N Bass on a program called Magix Music Maker. His beats were surprisingly good for how basic the program was back then and he inspired me to start producing music myself. I started making dark, atmospheric DnB but over the years my tracks became slower, more minimal and increasingly emotional. Then three years ago I sourced the alias EPLP when I self released my first EP titled 'Too Much Hope'."

What is your favorite film?

"Bronson or The Tree of Life.. Completely different in topics and style but both have great soundtracks and both will leave you pondering them for days after."

What city would you be living in if you could live anywhere?

"London is my top choice of where I would like to live next. I've got a lot of friends and family who live there now and I've always had fun times when I've been there. Just wish it was cheaper!"

Who is your favorite artist inside the dance/electronic genre?

"One of my all-time favourite producers is Owsey. He makes a georgous blend of Ambient Future Garage mixed with the instrumentals and emotion of Film Score. Although he hasn't released much recently, he told me that hes working on lots of new projects behind the scenes. A personal favourite of his work is 'Quiet Strength'."

Who was the best person you have ever peformed live with?

"I met Geode at the Antwerp gig, he played a intense minimal dubstep set! Was a pleasure to meet the chap and play alongside him. If you dont know his music, I seriously recomend visiting his Soundcoud! "


Any artists right now you suggest we put on our radar?

"To name a few: Theoish, Elderbrook, Jaquo George, Sangam, Zaika, Honest..."

Is your production process for you always the same?

"I do have a rough process/guide to making a track but it can change depending on how I'm feeling or the type of track I aim to make. Normally I think of an idea or theme before I start a new track. I find it helps to create some direction, so you dont get stuck tweaking a bleak 8 bar loop for hours/days. After making a beat I focus on a chord progression, this is probably the most important part of my process as the chords define the vibe or feeling of the track. When I've got a basic loop down, I just keep adding new instances (melodies, vocals, textures, basslines..) until I have way too many. Then I mute, solo and or spread the instances out over the horizontal time axis, not being too strict on where I put them at first, as accidents can create great results. Working this way makes it easier for me to create the structure and also increases the chance that i'll finish the track. To be honest I don't think the process matters too much, as long as you have good ideas eventually your production knowledge will increase so that you can realise them more easily and quicker."

Thank you very much for doing the mixtape, is there anything special on there that we should be looking out for?

"Yeh there are a few unheard eplp exclusives in there. Some are forthcoming and some are just from my vast ever-expanding collection of tracks that ill never release haha. Also I apologise for the quality of the mix, I had issues with my CDJ's so I ended up having to learning Ableton Lite to create it!"

What are your five favourite records from this year so far?

Pale - Two Wrongs

FKA Twigs - How's That

Lostlojic - This Is Why I Love Her

Miguel - Do You... (Cashmere Cat Remix)

Julien Mier - Watercolour Sky

What is your studio setup in terms of equipment?

Pacardbell Destop PC

Mbox 2 Soundcard

M-Audio Keystation Midi Keyboard

Dean Electric Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha HS-80s Monitors

Roland RH300 Headphones

Cubase 5 & Pro Tools with various plugins.

What was your musical upbringing?

"I guess I was pretty lucky with my introduction to decent music at young age. Both my parents loved artists/bands like Portishead, Massive Attack, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake etc and played them a lot while I was growing up. My older brother got me into UK HipHop when I was around 12 years old. Artists like Jesht, Task Force, Braintax, Lewis Parker and Rodney P are some of my favourites. At around 13/14 I started playing the guitar with school friends and a couple of years later we started going to free parties in the woods which got me into Dnb, Breaks and Psy. I dabbled with simple beat making for a couple of years, but only when I moved to Bristol to study, did I start delving deeper into music production. The Dubstep, Garage, Dub and House scene there inspired me to make better music and artists such as: Lostlojic, Late, Clouds, Burial, The XX and Apathesis helped to develop my sound as EPLP. I would say my musical taste is pretty eclectic/ broad and a large amount of the music I listen to is not electronic/made on computer."

What is your favorite vst?

"My Favourite VST has to be PSP Vintage Warmer. I would use it on almost every channel If my CPU would let me. Its great for adding warmth and texture to lead synths or lay it on a drum bus to create more punch and crisp up the high end. Use with caution though, too much can make certain things sound out of place. Its sometimes better to use it as a send effect rather than an insert so that you can choose exactly how much of each sound is processed by it."

Thank you Eplp!

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