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    Nov 20th, 2013

Dan Hardingham is a 21 year old House producer from London. He is currently studying graphic design at the world renowned art school Central Saint Martins, and is imprinting this into his music.

Starting his music career as a dubstep producer under the alias Filthzilla, Dan has only been producing House music for under a year.

Read an interview with Endor below.

50 Cent Straight To The Bank (Shift-Key Money Grabbing Edit)
Polkadot Wasn't Like That
Endor Celine Dion (Let's Go To Vegas)
Lauryn Hill That Thing (Golden Boy Bootleg)
Just Kiddin The One
George FitzGerald I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)
Eliphino More Than Me
Endor Hallelujah Anyway
Endor Zulu
Claes Rosen Daydreaming
Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E Need U (100%)
Disclosure What's In Your Head
Endor Hit Me Hard
Applebottom I.M.O.G.E.N
Disclosure Flow
Sadhu Say What (Endor Remix)
Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo Rude Boy
Rain City Riot Killer
Dusky Nobody Else
Shakedown At Night (Blonde Version)
Lxury J.A.W.S


Where does the name Endor come from?

"I've been through a lot of names before Endor - 'Atlas', 'Zulu' and 'Ewok' were my first ideas. Endor is the name of a planet on Star Wars. Whilst it's probably the least cool origin for a name, it looks fucking cool in a script font."

What would you call your genre of music?

"Probably 'house' or 'deep house', but call it what you like. I just make whatever comes out. Sometimes it's deep, sometimes it's dark and sometimes it's disco."

What is your favourite track that you have made and why?

"I'd have to say 'Want Now', because it was the first tune I ever made, and it set the ball rolling for my whole alias. It's definitely not my best tune but it's got a cheeky little vibe."

Which label would you be part of, if you could be part of any?

"I have no idea, I don't aspire to be part of a label because I think you get categorized as a result. I don't want to have to make music for anyone other that myself. I'm too egotistical and narrsicistic to produce by anyone else's specifications. Also, I like to give stuff out for free because more people will listen to it, so unless a label can bring my music to a wider audience, I can take it or leave it."

Have you got any new tracks up for release?

"The Zulu EP came out pretty recently, but I've got a backlog of about 9 tracks and it's growing every week. Most of them will come out before Christmas."

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be and why?

"Too hard to choose, but here's a few I'd love to make music with: Huxley, Burial, Blonde, Lxury, Disclosure, SecondCity, Skrillex (and wot?), Hannah Wants and Dappy from N-Dubz."

What’s your favourite thing on the blog?

"The link to English Cycles. Their bikes are aesthetic perfection. Shame their website looks wank!"

What got you into making music?

"I started mixing on Tech 1210s when I was 15 but decided that I'd rather be making the music, than playing it. So I forked out for a copy of FL Studio 7 in 2004 and started making Drum & Bass, Grime and Dubstep. I've been producing Dubstep for about 5 years under a different alias, but after so long it's good to make something fresh. Aside from Dubstep I listen to a lot of House, so it was the obvious choice when deciding what to make next."

What is your favorite car?

"I'm not really a car guy, but it would probably have to be the Ford Mustang GT500, the dark blue one with the double white stripes. Can't really fault it. Makes your penis grow a good few itches just by sitting in it."

What city would you be living in if you could live anywhere?

"Tricky question, would definitely be somewhere in the US. Probably LA. I would live in Gold's Gym then play gigs every night. I would have to take all my friends and family though."

What is your most visited website?

"Facebook for definite. I use Soundcloud a lot to jam to tunes while I'm working."

If you could work with any vocalist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

"Micheal Jackson, just to say I did that."


What has been your worst job?

"Fuck. I don't have much of a work ethic when it comes to jobs, but me and my bro worked on a hog roast once. We did a 16 hour shift until 2 in the morning. I ended up with the job of removing the pigs carcass from the spit at the end of the night. I had to break it's jaw with my hands. Never again."

What are your favourite sweets?

"I don't really eat sweets, but if I did, those Haribo eggs are the one."

Thank you very much for doing the mixtape, is there anything special on there that we should be looking out for?

"Look out for Lxury - 'J.A.W.S' (if by some miracle you haven't already heard that.) Polkadot - 'Wasn't Like That' and 'Rudeboy' by Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo. As far as my tunes go, I've put two exclusives in there, 'Hallelujah Anyway' and 'Celine Dion'. Both should be dropping before Christmas."

What are your five favourite records from this year so far?

"Not sure, I have no idea what came out this year and what came out last year. As far as House goes, check out the mix and that has all my favorite tunes in it. Away from House, my guilty pleasure is Martin Garrix's remix of 'Project T.' It's unbelievable."

What is your studio setup in terms of equipment?

"Two KRK 6's and my desktop PC for when I'm at home and my laptop (which is a little 13" macbook pro) for when I'm traveling.

I've never been a gear slut. I'll produce on whatever."

What has been your most extravagant purchase?

"Uni tuition fees without a doubt haha."

What is your favourite instrument?

"I'm gunna say 'fuck instruments' just to be provocative. I've played piano, drums and bass guitar in the past. They taught me a lot, but making electronic music beats playing an instrument every day. I've played in loads of bands whilst I was in college and we've done a lot of gigs which were so much fun, but making a full track is more rewarding. Maybe I'm just resentful that my gigging days didn't amount to more, but whatever... Fuck instruments."


"I would also like to make a few shout outs. I'll start with all my uni mates for supporting me. Cassy for being solid as a rock. Everyone who came through from Filthzilla. Everyone who came out the blue! All the Flickr girls for your pretty faces. Sussex Producers Alliance for all your feedback. Sadhu for choosing my remix. Josie for everything. Toby for everything. Kyle Cook. Sam Dub Kelly. Ben Silvertown. Nath for giving it the 'twerk test'. Geoff at the gym for listening. Will Rankin (aka Rain City Riot) for your knowledge and guidance. Tigerlight for the vocals. Andre Villas-Boas and all the lads at WHL. Arnie. Zyzz. Lord Keith and Lord Kevin. Frank Yang. Greg Cooper. My car. 5kg. 10kg. 20kg. Dianabol, Clen and Tren. And finally and especially, Tragic Clothing for the free t-shirt and the promotion, keep doing your thing."

Thank you Endor!

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